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Why Tagfact?

  • Specialists in Media Tagging, Coding, Sorting and Summarizing
  • Global team with delivery centers in Bangalore, China and Romania, with regional expertise in 18+ languages.
  • Bespoke services to fit each of client’s preferences and timelines
  • Technology + Human Talent
  • Strong team with Media + Industry expertise
  • Experienced and stable management
  • Experience in over 24+ industry verticals including Automotive, Financial services, Healthcare, Retail, Banking & Finance, Media, Entertainment, Lifestyle Products
  • Best in class infrastructure and security

Why Tagfact?


TAGFact has stringent quality processes with a dedicated quality management team monitoring processed data for relevancy, accuracy and consistency.

Through in-depth research and expert analysis, each delivery is a distinctive combination of talent, processes and technology, delivering speed, relevancy and consistency of tagging across media channels.

Six sigma principles for Quality




Delivering the right information to the right
People at the right time!

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